Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quote by Edmund Calamy the Elder

“They that delight in the Word, will be at any cost to bring the Word to their congregations; they will part with thousands of gold and silver, rather than with the Word. He that esteems the Word above thousands, will be willing to part with hundreds for the Word’s sake. He will account a famine of the Word more bitter than a famine of bread; by how much the soul is better than the body, by so much will he be more troubled for a soul famine than a bodily."
- Calamy, Edmund, The Godly Man's Ark (Kindle Locations 1305-1311). Puritan Publications. Kindle Edition.”

Edmund Calamy was faithful to his word. He was kicked out of the Church of England as a minister in 1662 rather than compromise against the Word. For such men, ministry is not simply a vocation, but a calling by God. When I think of leadership in the Church eternal, I think of men such as him.

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